Mk2 Steering wheel replacement

by Pete Jones

Before starting, ensure wheels are in straight ahead position and check that the MOMO boss has a rectangular cut-out in it for the horn socket. (MR2 is different to the regular Toyota boss)

  1. Pull of the centre pad
  2. Remove the frame that the centre pad clipped on to by removing a couple of screws
  3. Unplug the horn wire
  4. Loosen the centre nut **DON'T REMOVE IT**
  5. Pull wheel sharply to free (had you removed the centre nut fully you would now have a broken nose)
  6. Remove nut and steering wheel
  7. Fit the boss to the wheel and ensure that the horn earthing ring is sandwiched between them both (this will come with the boss)
  8. Install the boss onto steering column in straight-ahead position.
  9. Cut the wire and plug off of the old horn push button
  10. Fit the 15 amp female spade connector onto bare end of wire
  11. Plug the wire into the horn connector and slide the spade connector onto the centre connection on the MOMO horn push button
  12. Connect the earth wire (supplied with boss) onto the other connector on the the MOMO horn push button and connect the other end onto the earthing ring on the boss
  13. Ensure that the centre nut is nice and tight
  14. Clip the MOMO horn push button into place on the steering wheel centre
  15. Check the horn works and ensure that the allen bolts on the steering wheel are tight

After a few days, check that the allen bolts are still nice and tight.