Front light cluster clear lens upgrade

by Paul Walker

This modification will replace the amber front light cluster on a Mk2 up until 1996 with the clear lens found on the final revision of the Mk2, giving a much cleaner line to the car.

Tools required

Parts required

Step 1

The light cluster is split into two and consists of a lens section (towards the number plate) and a reflector section wrapping around the car). Carefully prise off the reflector section of the cluster by placing a small flat blade screwdriver between the two sections. Use masking tape on the lens to protect it. Hold the lens section in place and pull the reflector section towards you. You may find that the two sections will not come apart and the entire unit comes out - don't worry, you haven't broken anything.

Step 2

If the reflector section has come away on it's own, the lens section should be held in place by a screw with a Philips head. Remove this screw and put it to one side. If the entire unit has come away, you will notice that the screw has pulled the black plastic retaining grommet away from the car. Undo the screw and push the grommet back into place. Put the screw to one side - you'll need it later.

Step 3

The light cluster should now come away revealing the wires and bulb holders at the back. The bulbs should unscrew from the holders and the lens section should come away. Put the old lens section and reflector section away for a rainy day and grab your new shiny clear lens kit. Remove the larger of the two bulbs, which is the indicator bulb. The replacement amber bulb have their lugs offset, whereas on the original bulbs, they are directly opposite each other. To resolve this problem, you need to wear away one of the lugs on the bulb by rubbing it on either fine glass paper or on a suitable piece of concrete. The lugs are fairly soft and it doesn't take too much effort to wear one down. The bulb will still snap into place snugly with only one lug.

Step 4

The indicator bulb holder on the clear light fitting is very slightly different to the one on the amber fitting, and needs to be sculpted using the Stanley/craft knife. It's fairly easy to see what needs to be done here when you have it in front of you.

Step 5

Once both bulbs are in place, fit the lens section back onto the car and fasten with the screw set aside in step 2. Then, click the reflector section back in place. This is the tricky bit. Using a flat blade screwdriver and some masking tape for protection, you need to hold the lens section in place, but at the same time gently pull it towards you while at the same time, pushing the reflector section into place until it clicks home.

Step 6

Repeat for the other lens cluster.

If you have any comments or questions, please email me