Resetting the ECU

Jonty suggests;

This may differ depending on revision but essentially...

  1. Take the car for a run (get it warm)
  2. Park up and pull the ECU-B (or just ECU) labelled fuses from front and rear boxes
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds (120 is good)
  4. Replace
  5. Go for a run, red-line if you wish to show the car what sort of driver it needs to accommodate!

Other factors to bare in mind are:

Dino adds;

The way I use (and it works) is to remove the EFI fuse in the engine compartment. I've not noticed anything when pulling other fuses, and the only other way I've managed to reset the ECU is by disconnecting the battery.

Mushin has also uploaded a file that details the ECU learning process;

ECU Relearn Procedures.pdf