Removing the instrument cluster

by Martin Howell


  1. Remove the 4 screws holding the panel underneath the steering wheel - two are screwed vertically upwards, the others are on the bottom edge of the panel facing horizontally
  2. Gently pull this panel away from its clips: note that there are wires connected to the lower switch panel, be careful not to damage them. You can either leave the panel hanging on the wires, or unplug them - if you do this, tape the wires to something to stop them falling away inside the instrument panel and/or shorting out on the bodywork
  3. Remove ashtray (it just pulls out upwards )
  4. Remove the gearshift boot by pulling it upwards at the front, and unhooking the tabs at the rear.
  5. Remove the panel around the gearlever by easing it up and off the 4 clips that retain it and moving it backwards to unhook the two tabs that engage with the base of the centre plastic panel
  6. Undo the 2 screws at the front edge of the ashtray opening, they retain the bottom edge of the centre plastic panel.
  7. Gently pull the centre plastic panel off its clips: there are two electrical connectors, one for the hazards, the other for the lighter - unplug these by depressing the little catch on each plastic connector and pulling it off, tape the wires to the dash to stop them falling inside.
  8. Undo the single screw to the left of the steering column and pull the right hand plastic panel off its clips
  9. At either side of the top of the instrument cluster are 2 screws. Remove these, and pull off the narrow plastic strip that runs across the top of the cluster - you will need to pull the tabs at each end away from the plastic location pegs then pull the strip downwards to remove it from 2 clips.
  10. Undo the remaining screw from the right hand side of the steering column and gently pull the cluster towards you until you can get access to the back of it.
  11. There are three connectors on the back. To unplug them, press the catch in and gently pull out of its socket. The middle one also has a cable clip pressed into a hole, it just pulls out.
  12. The cluster can now be removed. Be careful not to snag the plastic printed circuit on anything as you remove it.
  13. Each of the bulbs on the panel is held in by a black or blue plastic knob, turn them around 60 degrees anticlockwise to remove. The big ones are the dashboard lights, the small ones are warning lights.
  14. The fuel gauge sender is connected to a chrome screw marked with a "F" on the right hand side of the cluster (looking from the rear side of the cluster). There are other screws marked IG+ and E. The temperature gauge sender is connected on the other side with a screw marked "T"


  1. Same as removal, except in reverse order. Note the following:
  2. The cluster can only be screwed in place once the top plastic strip has been clipped back in, then screw in just the top 2 screws and the third on to the right of the steering column.
  3. Refit the right hand panel (replace the screw on the left of the steering column), then the centre panel in its clips, and secure with the screws in the ashtray.
  4. Fit lower panel and screw into place
  5. Replace the ashtray.
  6. Don't forget to replace any wiring connectors that you took off. Thump all the panels gently with your fist to ensure the clips are all snapped in place before tightening screws.
  7. Make sure everything works.