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Monkey and the MR2 - Mk2 Rev3 - The Saga begins.

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 12:18 pm    Post subject: Monkey and the MR2 - Mk2 Rev3 - The Saga begins. Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

Like Lazarus Rising from a deathly slumber, This MR2 will drive again. (Yes I basically called myself Jesus)
A Phoenix in metal, being reborn into a new world, new hope and new possibilities.

This car, No this machine of greatness could never be put to rest, it could never pass on. It’s been waiting, waiting for the right time to show how awesome it once was, but this time stronger, faster and with a new smile.

It will not Meow, it will to bark, it will Roar like the lion king it was meant to be. People all over the land will hear the roar, and they will know that the evil will be banished and the light will shine.

But all stories have to start somewhere, and the begging is the best place. I am not George Lucas and this is not Star Trek*.

So as of last night (13/05/2015) I took delivery of my new project car a Toyota MR2 Mk2 Rev3.

With all good stories there is a back story, and this one will not disappoint.

12 years ago, my friend imported a Mr2 Turbo from the land of the rising sun, its journey to its new homeland was uneventful and long, so this bit will be skipped by a boat going over an ancient map.

But once it was in its home things started to happen. The car was loved and modified, Raced and driven hard. It had a couple of mishaps, but overall it was enjoyable.

Then, all of a sudden it was taken off the road, SORN’d as it was not being used as often, and plans were hatched to improve on what was a good car.

As time drew on, the impetus was waning to do anything with it. Before it was known, a year had passed, then 2 and nothing had been done. The car had not been driven nor worked on.

5 years, 5 long years the car sat, waiting, hoping to be let loose again, to run free. But cruelly only occasionally being tickled to make sure the life blood had not left it. It would cough into life every so often with a shock to its heart. It would burble and make noises of what it once was, but with a wheeze, a cough and some smoke. All was not well, but the potential could be seen (in the right eyes)

So a plan was hatched, I proposed to purchase the car, snatching it from the skeletal hands of death, giving it a reprieve. The clouds parted and the sun shone. This my friends is the start, the start of something big……………..

Battery Fitted and powered up, the car stirs in anticipation of whats to come. Sh!t where the engine!!

A brief cavity search provided some addition gems and delights, the achine was storing things ready for its return, it knew it would be back.

the heart was exposed to check its vitals during its slumber

the life blood of the beast checked, and surprisingly clean and full. all other fluids checked and none has been lost in 5 years of being stationary.

the belly of the beast, the pilots controls, the home of the new commander.

With the fluids being checked the green light was given to raise the machine from its slumber

The MR2 being awoken from its slumber, an taking its first tentative steps

the battle was short, but fierce. but we rejoiced, it was wary of its new commander, but shortly realised that the match was a good one, and the potential for the 2 of them going forward would be great. But knowing the path is long and Treacherous, neither side fully knowing of what is to come, but looking forward to the journey.

Finally at its new home, settling in with its new bed fellow.

this is now the start of the diary, documenting the tales of Monkey and the MR2

The whole team,

*I know it’s the wrong Science Fiction franchise and Director – and yes I am that much of [email protected]

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1991 Toyota MR2 Mk2 Turbo Rev1

PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 1:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

Good grief! I lol'd [Laughing]
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