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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:04 pm    Post subject: Monty Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

Hi All,
I've been a member for some years and originally (way back in 2010) wanted tog et an MR2. I started saving what little money I had and was making some headway towards an MR2, but the missus had a wedding in mind. The fund was depleted and I was sad.

I did get a Mitsubishi GTO TT from some guy on a GTO forum for £181. I loved that car, it was ridiculous and due to my strained economic situation it was never going to work out.

Your fun car cannot be your mainw ay of getting around. [Sad]
Today I am much more successful, I can indulge myself!

I wasnt planning on getting abck into the MR2 scene. In fact I hadnt thought of it for a while, I wanted to do some local targa rallying but didnt want a generic fiesta or corsa. MR2 91 N/A on facebook for £500 seemed like a great idea.

Unfrotunately the suspension was not the best, it had an MOT and I insured it for £116 lol. I had a bit of a fun with it but it wasnt right. The suspension was a major problem. The steering was sloppy and it wasn't really safe. I tried to cheap out with a used coilover set but really i just wasted a little bit of money. It needed new shocks, springs, top mounts, drop links, bushings the works. I couldnt justify the cost on a £500 car and my daily driver threw a wobbler and needed a new clutch and dual mass flywheel. So that killed any drive to work on the car.

Some time later I started to get an itch, maybe if I turbo'd it, then I would be happy. The N/A has a blue interior which, is different and I didnt like it.

Eventually I found a candidate. No MOT, gen 2 3sgte turbo swap. I saw it running and had a good look over the chassis. It has an imoc sticker so it might be known. I picked it up last week:

I got it home and was immediately foiled by the immobiliser, a quick call to the previous owner who was a really great guy and I was home free.

The interior was great, and it was a T-Bar. I love the T-Bar look. Incredibly important detail. My WIFE loves the T-BAR!

A leaky seal and bad weather between viewing and pickup meant the driver side footwellw as underwater basically. [Sad]
Luckily the guy had given me the car cover.

First order of business was a small service. I had oil, oil filter, fuel filter and a replacement for the halfords performance fitler:

I also replaced the rorot, I would ahve done the distributor but it wasnt in stock.

Rounded (not by me i swear!!) phillips head on the rotor made it dificult. I extracted the plastic carefully to expose the bolt and replaced with one from the N/A (now known as Doner2.)

I also used compressed air to clear out as much debris and leaves and spiders and other crap as I could. There were some other bits I tidied up too. When I put it all back together it roared into life. It already soudned a lot better. So it feels like there is more to come.

I got ot the point of oil change and fitler. Checked the coolant line in the engine bay, its not a great situation. I will need to flush it with something.

First question: Is there anything I can use as a de-sludger for the coolant. I'm looking at multiple refills with water? then finally use coolant? Was gonna just follow the chris-fix video.

Looking at the MOT history its not been run in a while. I did take it up and down the lanes around my house, it found all gears fine but there are issues. This leads me nicely on to the plan:

Short Term - Get it on the road I need to get it ready for MOT!
- All brakes need replacing, going to use Doner 2 as a source for new calipers and buy a cheap pads and discs kit. Fluid refresh (no ABS).
- All new tyres, it has 15" and honestly I like the way it was handling, so I will just get new tyres (£50 or each for half decent tyres).
- Flush/refresh the coolant.
- Oil change and filter
- Speedo is not working at all, gonna fit a cheap GPS speedo for now.
- Rev counter is way under reporting. I noticed when I was braking that the rev counter came to life. Probably a connections issue.
- Fit a cheap manual boost gauge, who knows what is going on back there.
- New plugs and leads and a new distributor. They are crusty.
- Refresh the rubber seals with conditioner. It sits in a garage and wont really be out in the rain. Some rust and paint issues to fix before fixing this permanently.

Long Term Goals
Using the ATS racing "the recipe" as a guiide, I want to acruse some parts over the next onths and work my way towards that goal.


Fully forged, Standalone ECU, bigger turbo and injectors, replace the intercooler etc.

I really enjoy build threads so I'm gonna use this to document how I'm doing and where I am coming from.

I'll try and be better with the pictures.
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