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 Replacing The Radiator 
Description how to replace the radiator on a mk2 n/a
Author Goldy Date Tue Feb 07, 2006 5:04 pm Type Picture How-To

Category Engine
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Replacing The Radiator
how to replace the radiator on a mk2 n/a
This article was produced from the replacement of a radiator on a Rev1 uk n/a car, this might not be the same for all models due to aircon or power steering. I have no responsibility for any damage you cause to yourself or your car when performing this.

This job took me around 3 hours to do including sawing off the rusted bolts on the fan and painting my fan. It should probably take you less, but budget 3-4 hours especially if you need to drain the coolant.

Tools Used :

3/8 inch drive socket set (could get away with using 1/2 inch I think)
10mm socket
12mm socket
Extension bars (very useful)
Mole Grips
Adjustable spanner

Things you may wish to take into account :
> You may wish to replace the toyota spring clip things with jubilee clips... this makes life a hell of a lot easier when it comes to re-fitting the radiator.
> You may wish to paint your fan or radiator mounts when they are out... I used black heatproof paint though black hammerite would do fine.
> You may need some replacement 10mm bolts for the fan if yours are rusted up like mine.
> You may wish to replace any missing undertray bolts whilst lower tray is out.

Anyway here goes :

Drain the coolant before beginning.

1. Open the frunk and remove the plastic cover from the front (between the headlights).

2. Remove the clamps from the top of the radiator (2 x 12mm bolts on each). I soaked mine in wd40 first as they looked pretty welded in.

3. Disconnect the fan connector.

4. Remove the lock from the front of the boot (2x 12mm bolts - this may be optional, I found it makes the job easier). Put it out of the way in the frunk.

5. Remove the front undertray (approx 10x10mm bolts some recessed)

6. Dissconnect the thermostat (below the left hand pipe). The plug simply pulls off.

7. Use the mole grips to move the pipe clip springs out of the way. (I pulled mine onto the end metal radiator pipes, however you might be better off moving them furthur down the rubber tube for when it comes to re-fitting the pipes)

8. Reach down the front of the radiator to the bottom and lift it from the rubber mounts. Move the bottom of the radiator backwards. This should allow you enough room to fully remove the rubber pipes from the radiator.
Drop the radiator down onto the floor.

9. Jack the front of the car up slightly. (I did not lift the wheels off the floor)

10. This will allow you enough room to slide the radiator out towards the back of the car.

11. Remove the bolts on the fan and them remove the fan from the radiator. (my bolts were rusted solid and had to be sawed off.

12. Remove the thermostat using the adjustable spanner. You may wish to replace the o-ring on the thermostat.

13. Fit the thermostat and fan to the new radiator (I chose to re-paint the fan whilst it was out)

14. Check you can open both of the bleed taps on the radiator, this will make life easier when you come to bleed the system.

15. Slide the new radiator under the car and lift into position. Re-fit as per removal instructions.

 User comments 
lester: Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:02 am     Replacing Rad

Thanks Goldy Iv got to do this job at weekend.Very helpfull Thanks
blue2: Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:01 am    

Thanks for posting this, used it to replace my radiator [thumleft]
Loki: Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:39 pm    

Excellent guide, thanks! Helped me to replace my radiator yesterday with no problem.
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