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 Replacing Heater Pipes from hell (easier way) 
Description Replacing Heater Pipes from hell (easier way)
Author GMLMR2 Date Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:07 pm Type Picture How-To

Category Engine
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Replacing Heater Pipes from hell (easier way)
Replacing Heater Pipes from hell (easier way)
Just thought I'd post my experience of the Pipes from Hell sorry about some of the pic's (blurry) it was a bit tight under there! I also know that some of you guys have imports that come with Aircon, this mod can still be done and I will add pics of how I did a mates car later on, this is a really good fix for those who are like me and hate messing around with fuel lines and tanks ect itís a lot of work replacing the original pipes especially if you donít have a lot of space to drop a tank out, also I think someone did mention that Toyota do heater pipes that have been redesigned but I've heard stories of those going as well, so if youíre at a loose end this is a good option, been running mine like this for well over a year now and been good as gold

The hose diameter by the way is 19mm

With the heat shield removed I've cut the pipes with a CRT40 Rotary Tool Kit from Machine Mart, this did cut around most of the pipe but I could not cut all the way round because of the fire wall so I rocked the pipe from side to side and it finally broke off, I did go through quite a few disks with the CRT40 they seem very easy to brake. I've cut the right hand side one (O/S pipe) here so the new pipe has room to take the same path as original, having said that you can leave the pipes untouched, the new 19mm pipes will still go though fine, it's just i wanted the brackets.

Moved this pipe work to ease fitting the hose behind it.

The bracket that holds the two pipes before it goes behind the heat shield has one of the pipes braised to it. I've cut this off so that I can put two P clips to hold the new hoses.

Cut down bracket in place.

Old hoses with connectors.

I've used 10ft of hose for each side just incase my route took more than I thought. I then feed the hose though and down, taking the same routes as the originals, and instead of going over the fuel tank these went down under it. After the right hand (O/S) hose was feed though, the pipe work was bolted back up.

The left hand side (N/S) hose route past the back of the fuel tank. (looking up from under the car.)

The Right hand side (O/S) hose route past the back of the fuel tank. (looking up from under the car.)

After pushing the hoses all the way though, I connected the hoses to the connectors and tightened all four clamps up. Using two P clips I tried to use the original bolt to secure it all together, this was too fiddley and I decided to us a longer bolt which goes through the original bolt on the bracket from the other side, this made it easier to hook the two P clips on, I then bolted them up keeping the look of the original set-up.

Placed the heat shield just to check everything fits.

Left hand side (N/S) hose went over the radiator pipe (at the rear of the fuel tank) this is the tighter fit because of the two pipes, but I think it gives the better route.

Right hand side (O/S) hose went over the radiator pipe (at the rear of the fuel tank) this is the easier one to fit as it just goes round just right.

Feeding the right hand side (O/S) hose over the hand brake bracket and over the fuel tank supports.

Feeding the Left hand side (N/S) hose over the hand brake bracket and over the fuel tank supports.

I've used these pipe supports from B&Q to stop the hose from chafing and to stop the hose from touching the radiator pipes. I've also lightly tie-rapped the hoses back using some holes in the the fuel tank supports.

Just behind the battery the original pipes.

Original pipes disconnected.

Hoses feed up in front of the fuel tank and up into the front boot compartment.

Both hoses go up in front of the tank, I've used P clips to stop chafing and to connect the left hand side (N/S) to the tank.

Connectors fitted to original front hoses and new hoses cut to size, all four clamps then tightened up.

There is still the old coolant in the old pipes, so I came up with a simple pump which is a soup dispenser pump, I've put a long clear screen washer tube on to the end.

Put this tube down the old pipe and start pumping the end into a suitable container. This just saves the old fluid splashing around when you're accelerating and braking.

Bleed the coolant system, checked for any leeks (none found up to now) replaced heat shield, and underside plastic protectors which fit fine no buldging.

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