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new 15 Plate Audi TT

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pistol pete
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:56 pm    Post subject: new 15 Plate Audi TT Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

There was a raffle at work to win a TT for the weekend. I didn't enter as expected it to be on a race weekend
But the person that won it didn't actually want it (you must have a clean license) so he thought would pass onto the biggest petrol head he knew... very kind of him. so after a few phone calls to Audi HQ and organizing a weekend that suits me here we are with a 15 plate TT

First off i wasn't very excited (although looking forward to it) Audi's do not tend to excite me at all. All i have driven have always been missing that "fizz" or been a little dull on delivery..
Even when someone at work got a brand new A3 it just looked like another A3 TDi like he had before just a different colour.
So i Turned up to work to pick it up today not sure what colour spec or anything to expect..
It was silver.. oh great.. i mean its a great looking car from the front.. but a more exciting red or similar would have been nice but that seems to be the way of the world now days.
Not sure on the looks square on from the rear if i am honest at first. it just looks like a TT,. but from any other angle i think it looks awesome..
Go into collect keys. expecting the lecture "you can't drive over 3k, you can only do 100 miles, sign here" etc etc.. nope nothing.. Audi HQ dropped the car off.. here you go.. some keys.. see you tuesday.. awesome [Twisted Evil] [Twisted Evil] [Twisted Evil]

Now i have been looking foward to trying the new "gimmicky" dash. but more to that in a mo
Me and the wife got in.. straight away not even in the position i would sit in it was comfy, really comfy, although would say the width of the seat is designed for someone larger (rounder) than me and would have liked the adjust ability to hold me a little more at the sides
A quick scout over and finding some paperwork.. Its a

2015 Audi TT 2.0T petrol 230ps Manual transmission S Line 2 wheel drive

Manual.. gets better [Smile]
But with the options this car has its 36k!!!!! let me say that again... 36,000!!!!! this one given to me has 2800miles and 3/4tank of fuel with 290 miles in it with an average consumption of 46mpg.. that'll be the motorway journey down.. not bad for a turbo 4 pot.

Seat all set up (space in the back looks small) start it up.. sounds good already nice and warm
a fiddle with the buttons show that its all normal Audi in here, well thought out everything where you want it, really like the heater controls being on the vents themselves (ill get a pic of that)
Now the instrument cluster.. in simple terms its a tablet that controls the car, and it looks great. To start with without reading instructions seems pretty to use either the centre "wheel" control or the steering wheel controls ( a nice chunky wheel it is too)

So off we go.. straight out. oh thats quick.. lots quicker than expected.
The engine is a peach.. pulls nice sounds good. complaints.. as normal.. normal mode the Traction cuts in to early but this does make for some awesome exhaust noises
sport mode is really nice. great for pulling away and makes you feel in control but when on some B roads it seems to still interfere a bit too much.
turn off the TC completely is a bit of a faff, turn the tc back on then hold for 5+ secs. but pulling away is a nightmare.. the car just lights the front wheels up and hops and bounces.. its horrible.. the wheels just can't handle it at all, its as though it needs the Anti lift kit i fitted on the ST to help reduce that, but once moving its better and no interference is great.

Turn in is lovely the steering weight is really nice when its in Dynamic mode gives a lot of confidence although on uk b roads could do with a little more dampening. The brake though need work on their feed back... doesn't seem to be enough communication back. but boy they do work...
I would like to have seem the accelerator/brake slightly closer together to make heel and toe a bit easier.. but its very do-able and easily to balance as its set up.. but a slightly better setup would have been perfect..

The gearing is on of my main issues with it.. 1st is great almost perfect for this engine.. but 2nd is where it goes wrong.. its long.. far to long red line is 76mph (not that i have been up above 70 to test that) it just too long and seems to take an age to get through 2nd.. its not slow by any means. but just a bit long for my liking

Economy by now i have done 20 miles.. its now has on 200 miles in the tank and average of 17MPG.. wow okay when you get a move on its thirsty.. really thirsty. But on the other had it has different modes. Stick in eco and it quietens down uses some of the REgen system (explain in a mo) and it plods along at well over 40mpg.. so drive it like a hoon and you will pay but to and from work or motorways runs its kind to you.. perfect combination if you ask me...

whilst playing with the MMI system (dash computer system) on the live mpg i noticed it kept going all the way to over 99mpg when coasting then going green and showing a battery. maybe some sorts of Kers device to make more economical?
but when in ECo or auto mode sit cursing it uses this system to do more MPG a Big E comes up next to the gear selected.. starting to see where all this 36K is being spent...

It does give the feeling of being a lot smaller than it actually is..
I parked it up next the roadster and it just dwarfs it

Overall the car has really impressed me. Its lovely inside and out. Leave it in Sport and its a lot of fun without the front hopping around, watch the speed with such a long second gear and its a lot of fun with refinery you'd expect for an Audi. It is great at covering b road miles very quickly and a lot of fun as a point to point car, stick in Eco and lovely comfy quiet motorway cruiser
I will say that I wouldn't want the quattro, i think it would remove the fun from it and start feeling like a boring audi again

Would i buy one.. hmmm If i was after this sort of car with this price range over the bmw z4 maybe but i feel the RWD of the bm would draw me in.. although the room in the back is enough for DM its a 2 seater really no normal adult can sit in the back in comfort. I do look forward to seeing this type of dash starting to appear on all new cars its a great step forward (my fav part of the car)
but it does make me want a toureg or Q5 when i replace my Pajero
I will also say on the build quality that the ST has 18Kmiles an no faults to report. the TT has 3K and the passgener window has stopped auto dropping when opening and closing the door. meaning it won't close properly and i have to drop the window down each time to shut the door
which is annoying

Ill drop back after the weekend of playing with it..
MR2 Sprint zombie outbreak response vehicle

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pistol pete
IMOC Moderator

Joined: 11 Feb 2008
Posts: 6969

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

Just trying to find out about The TT energy regen cycle.

Found out its stores the energy then uses it to relieve the alternator and causes less work for the engine so creates more MPG, i believe.
Not sure on the button under the accelerator.. maybe its like the ST where you get some extra boost for a few seconds under full load.. cannot really find much info on it
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2001 BMW M5

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

So what I got from that is...

A bit too reliant on electrical nannying
Nice interior
Cool dash (I really like that)
Overall a very nice, well put together car (aside from the window)

...but if you had 36,000 burning a hole in your pocket you'd buy something else. Seems fair enough [thumleft]

I have to say I've never been a fan of the TT but this new model does look much nicer than the previous iterations, and (even though we're not exactly the target audience) it's good to know it can be fun and pretty dynamic with the electronics switched off. Sounds like you're having fun in it! [Cool]
2001 BMW M5 (Bahnstormer) | 2004 RX8 231 (the Racecat) | 2001 Volvo V70 (Swedish eBay barge)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Reply with quote including images

Audis need to be 4wd which that one wasn't,especially since the latest system brings a wellcome neutrality to the handling.
TBH most enthusiasts would be better off with the S3 than the TT.It has the 4wd plus it's 300ps,base price just over 30k.
Daughter has one,lovely classy interior and it seems way quicker than the previous model S3.
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